Hospital Abducts Newborn Girl To Deflect Mothers Attention From Commencing Legal Action

URGENT !  I gave birth in Sydney Hospital 5 years ago where they made serious errors, including cutting my tubes without any prior discussion. Which I have paid for Dr to correct since, but documents prove he made worse errors. To distract my time from taking legal action against them, they committed the worst crimes and kidnapped my Newborn daughter, making me a serious Insomniac relying on the controversial Stilnox/Ambien for over 4yrs and having high tolerance to it. Among many crimes committed, are Kidnapping/Abduction, Paranoid Slander/Defamation to try & Justify their unwarranted actions, Breach Of Civil & Constitutional Rights, Deflection Of Guilt, Co-ersion & Intimidation towards others, Perjury, Human Rights Violations, Contempt Of Court, Breach Of Their Professional Ethics, Negligable Murderers (this is approaching 2 instances of this), Destruction Of Lives, Obstruction Of Justice, Tax Fraud which the Magistrate admitted in court that he was going to let Illegal Turkish Immigrant off on, as he (Magistrate) & all other Staff were guilty of same Offence.  To this day I don’t know where my 5 year old daughter is, and between the consequences of it, as well as evidence of other very serious Medical Negligences, I expect my days to be seriously numbered – furthermore I have no desire to fight for this game they call life…unless I start seeing respect, integrity and competency come back and these problems at least…solved by competent professionals, which are something I & many others haven’t seen in this part of the world for a long time. I wish I could say that this is a ‘One In A Million’ case, but it’s not. Not a week goes by I don’t meet someone who’s lost their partner due to negligences or another woman who gave birth and whom Dr’s nipped the Fallopian Tubes when doing a Caesarean and failed to listen. She nearly bled to death Heamorraging  inside, before they re-opened her and corrected their errors. (At least they didn’t Kidnap her Newborn to deflect her efforts of taking legal action). I can even prove that the expense being wasted on a Royal Commission Inquiry, is failing to look at the whole truth/problem as I have been called by V.O.C.A.L – Victims Of Crime Assistance League, to go to it at end of this month, and the documents I have are very superficial and no doubt just another expensive cover-up by the highly incompetent Iemma / Labor Govt!  I can even prove that Members within the ICAC – Independent Commission Against Corruption, sell their own Integrity off, if offered enough.  If someone doesn’t take on the task of exposing this horror Story and giving more evidence as to why the whole Morris Iemma Govt should be sacked, I’m taking it to more courageous Media overseas who will love to expose it, & the time Bridgette is forced to endure the Incestuous life she’s living (If alive?) will be made longer once again by too many cowardless media in Australia, afraid of reporting Real Stories of Substance. Which in turn makes everyone an accomplice to the Child Abuse she’s enduring (which will be well documented for her to know how many people only looked as her as a pawn for their selfish motives & contributed to her abuse, either playing a deliberate active part – or in many cases, being made aware of it, but failing to ACT ! Including our Federal Police) So please contact me on above email or 0421 507 836 to discuss exposing all this and hopefully bringing major rectification to the present Govt whom keep giving superficial bureaucratic rhetoric & not much else, not to mention probably having a major story that will go on for quite some time. Being profitable to many. I await to hear from you very soon.  Amanda                                                            


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